Spigen AirPods Case Black (Silicone Type) 066CS24808

The AirPods Silicone Case offers everyday coverage in a light frame. Its flexible silicone layer defends against daily scratches with comfortable grip and fingerprint-resistance. The simple design is minimal, and slim enough to remains pocket-friendly and easy to carry. Provide a layer of durability with the Silicone Case.

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  • Precisely designed for the Apple AirPods
  • Everyday comfortable grip with silicone
  • Slim and lightweight for pocket-friendliness
  • Shock-absorbent and resistant to scratches
  • Includes a key ring slot for added portability
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Product Name Spigen AirPods Case Black (Silicone Type) 066CS24808
Spigen SKU 066CS24808
цвет Black
Совместимая модель Airpods
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